Welcome to Bliinx Eyecare Studios

As one of your 5 senses vision is a fundamental part of your life. At Bliinx we take our time to ensure you have the best sight you can achieve. Situated in Kingsley we provide thorough 30 minute eye tests in a relaxed environment. We have free parking and offer an unhurried approach for our clients and families.

Sight Tests

Appointments for a sight test last for 30 minutes here at Bliinx. We take more time than high street practices to provide a thorough eye examination at a pace you are happy with.

Contact Lenses

Come in and talk to us to see if Contact Lenses are right for you. We can offer a contact lens fitting with our optician and supply the best branded contact lenses at great prices.

Minor Eye Conditions

Here at Bliinx our opticians are registered with the Minor Eye Condition Service for North East Hampshire. This means that rather than having to attend your GP you can come here free of charge for an assessment.

Frames & Lenses

Glasses can be an important part of you and your image. It is not a decision to be hurried. Glasses have a very functional element but this has also turned into a fashionable one too and we are here to make sure you feel good in your glasses.


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