Bliinx provide an extensive range of services to cover all your needs.

Sight Tests

Appointments for a sight test last for 30 minutes here at Bliinx. We take more time than high street practices to provide a thorough eye examination at a pace you are happy with.

Not only do we aim to test your vision and prescribe as needed we check thoroughly the health of the eye itself. This includes looking for conditions that can have a significant influence on your life such as diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

The ongoing renewal of equipment is part of this process as we continually invest in the health of our customers.

Of course Under 16’s sight tests are free as are tests for the over 60’s, in addition if you have a relative who has had glaucoma you may also be entitled to free eye tests.

Contact Lenses

If you prefer the practicality of contact lenses then we are here to help.

We can offer a contact lens fitting with our optician and supply the best branded contact lenses at great prices, offering all the support you need with your lenses.

We can have these delivered direct to you door or you can collect from the practice.

Minor Eye Condition Services

Here at Bliinx our opticians are registered with the Minor Eye Condition Service for North East Hampshire. This means that rather than having to attend your GP you can come here free of charge for an assessment. Please call us as soon as you can if you feel you need to attend for any of the following reasons and we will do our best to make you an appointment.

Blurred Vision / Red Eyes / Dry Eyes / Pain or Discomfort in the eyes, eye area or temple / recent onset of flashers or floaters in one or both eyes / mild trauma (e.g a scratch to the outer surface of the eye) / significant recent discharge from or watering of the eye.

Frames & Lenses

Glasses can be an important part of you and your image. It is not a decision to be hurried. Glasses have a very functional element but this has also turned into a fashionable one too and we are here to make sure you feel good in your glasses.

You can browse at your leisure and try out the fantastic range of frames we have here in store.

If you would like assistance and advice we are happy to help. You can even book in an appointment with our dispensing optician to have your dedicated time.

We supply lenses from Hoya, one of the best lens manufacturers. These are great quality and a variety of options are available for you to choose from to suit your requirements.

Eye Scans

Here at Bliinx we can offer you extra peace of mind and help prevent sight threatening diseases with early detection by carrying out a scan of the back layers of your eyes.

We have the most advanced diagnostic equipment in the form of a Hiedelberg Spectralis machine, the same machine used on the international space station to monitor the astronaut’s eyes. Now you can have the same benefits here on earth!


What are we looking for?
A scan can detect the smallest changes in the eyes. This can be incredibly beneficial in the early detection of diseases causing sight loss. A scan can see signs of hereditary Age Related Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Diabetes. With so many people being unaware they have these diseases the eye scan can be an important tool in early diagnosis and treatment.


How does it work?
A scan uses only natural light, is completely pain free, nothing touches your eye  and it only takes about 10 minutes. Results can be seen there and then.
To see how a scan is done CLICK HERE


To have a scan costs £35. The NHS do not cover the cost of these scans and in order to cover the cost of the best equipment we have to charge a private fee, as always we aim to keep this affordable to all.

Price List

NHS Sight Tests. FREE
Private Sight Tests £35
Eye Scan (OCT) £35


Initial Contact Lenses Appointment and Trial.  FREE
Contact Lenses Check Up £30

Private Eye Condition Check £35
(Unless covered by participating local NHS surgery when it is FREE – see below)


Hinge repairs £20
Replacement nose pads FREE to Bliinx Frames
Nose pads for other frames £2


If you belong to one of the following GP surgery’s your minor eye condition appointment is free:

Bentley Village Surgery
Boundaries Surgery
Chawton Park Surgery
The Wilson Practice